now….. NOW now nownonwnownownow

my mom gets mad when i talk about her having too many things & about being healthy. 

people keep thinking i’m sweet & innocent & 4 years younger than I actually am. it’s interesting to observe their perception of me. 

I haven’t felt as magical as i did before i left LA. this has to do with my environment, my diet & my lack of meditation. the yoga that i participate in here does not compare to the moving meditation I experienced in los angeles at joga. 

i have gained 5-7 pounds since moving here and i’m okay with it. no use dwelling. change is and will happen. 

even FOH workers at farm-to-table restaurants talk shit about each other. 

i have a gluten allergy that i think i have had for years but never really knew it. it helps me understand and be at peace with my past. 

i am so excited to regain my independence on the first of the month. it has been a long strange trip living with my parents again. i mean, it’s been great but in reality so strange, intrusive, cluttered & unnatural. 

i signed up for a marathon that is in may. 

i completed yoga teacher training which i barely remember.

i’ve been working like 60 hours a week on my feet, it’s weird & my body gets tired. 

mercury is in retrograde and i feel that i have truly been seeing things from a different perspective in such a positive way. it may have to do with getting over the three month hump of being home. xo


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